Exuma Bahamas Real Estate

There are numerous ways to buy Exuma Bahamas Real Estate. First, consider the local market. There are plenty of buyers seeking homes in the Bahamas. Once you have a general idea of the price range, you can then narrow down your search based on features such as square footage or price range. Another way to search for Exuma properties is to refine your search by features such as swimming pool. After narrowing down your search, you can contact a real estate professional to help you with the process.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search, try the Bahamas Realty website. You can find listings throughout the Bahamas, including Exuma. The website allows you to save your favorite properties and receive email updates when similar exuma bahamas real estate properties become available. There are also featured islands you may want to explore. You can find the perfect real estate deal in the Bahamas with these websites. Exuma is a great option for vacation homes. You’ll be able to enjoy beautiful, sunny days and the cleanest water imaginable.

The islands of Exuma are comprised of 365 islands, each with its own unique characteristics. The island chain has pristine white sand beaches and ultra-exclusive resorts. Whether you want to spend your vacations sea kayaking or sailing, you’ll find plenty of opportunities here. And if you want a private island retreat with the best of everything, there’s a real estate option for you.

Crab Cay is another development that is worth considering. This $350 million project is currently underway and is home to a 5 star hotel and waterfront villas. Emerald Bay, which was once run by the Sandals group, is now run by the company, with a golf course, spa, five restaurants and a marina. Another company, Exuma Island Property, is building two-storey waterfront apartments. Exuma Bahamas Real Estate is listed at Bahamas Realty, a reliable resource.

The Reserve, for instance, offers ten prime waterfront lots that are within walking distance of the Exuma international airport. You can also find undeveloped property on Little Exuma, which is joined to Great Exuma by a bridge. If you want luxury real estate at an affordable price, Big Darby Island is also a great option. Big Darby Island offers 554 acres of prime real estate in the Exuma Cays at elevations of 87′. Big Darby Island boasts 14 beaches and two miles of oceanfront. One property even has a castle!

Exuma real estate typically includes vacant land and local homes. Land and Cay Park, a natural reserve managed by the Bahamas National Trust, was established in 1958 and is one of the first of its kind in the world. The Exumas are also home to a trove of rare species. Until the 1990s, the island’s economy was based on salt mines, cotton plantations, and piracy. Exuma’s real estate started to take off, and today, you can own a piece of paradise here.

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